For more than 15 years we have helped nearly 50000 customers resolve their issues and will never stop striving to ensure further improvements on our platform for a better communication between companies and customers. the numbers I have are JC8T4F2, and JPO1PF7. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise Like so the many other I too was searching the internet for hotels. I was charged $214.00, for a room I never stayed in, and was told nothing in the area of San Francisco had any vacancies. There was little he could do about it. There was a charge on my card by CCI Hotel Booking that I did not authorize nor did I know I had been charged $ ***. Finally I was told On June 25, 2022 at 737 I booked a Red Roof Inn using, and my credit card was charge. Please DO NOT book with this fraudulent company and be VERY careful when you are booking hotels online as this site mimics legitimate hotels sites. It looked very much like I was dealing with Days Inn. Scammers! more, Reply to: Beware CCI*Hotel Res / Beware. After going over costs and requirements and that all other hotels in the area were booked full, I began to get suspect. That's correct, CCI*HOTEL RES did not book a room for us, refused to give us a refund, and then made us jump through hoops with Visa to be reimbursed. anyone managed to upgrade their Genius level? They refuse to let me talk to the proper department. But we were only traveling for our boys soccer game so booked a two night stay, then found out we only had to stay one night. The room smelled like mildew. Booked a reservation for a 2 night stay. I spoke with Choice Hotel reservation line to book a room at the Sleep Inn & Suites in Upper Marlboro, Md. I was sent a confirmation for $104.88 as the cheapest available room and was told this room was already discounted so no AARP or AAA could be applied. When I called the local hotel the next day I was informed that the reservation had been cancelled; NO notice had been given to my daughter or to me. Somebody please take this company to court. The customer service rep I spoke to would not answer my questions. We chose a Hilton Garden Inn in Groton, CT that cited a room rate of $146 for one night. Be carefull. Our $129.99 room cost ended up being a $191.50 charge on our credit card. May 9 I got online and booked a room I asked about their cancellation policy in case I need to cancel she told me 24 hours for a full refund. Due to Covid exposure we canceled a hotel reservation that was made thru CCI Hotel Reservations, which was the booking number on the hotel's website. I cancelled the booking but the money has b not been refunded. Demand the hotel to pay for the drive to another hotel. It took several calls to their 800-468-3578 number to get a person (you must act like you want to make a new reservation). Do not use them for any reservations!! Share your photos and videos with others to prove the truth of your words. This CCI conducts illegal behavior by misrepresenting themselves and should be prosecuted. Or 30 000 Japanese Yen. I thought that my reservation was made through the hotel, but apparently it was "hijacked" by Hotel Values and I immedidately called my cc company to dispute the charges. Called the number on the page to make a direct booking with hotel. I was driving during the storm and used Google voice to find the number for Hampton Inn in Lehi Utah, these people know how to manipulate the SEO from Google to come up on front. It took several calls to their 800-468-3578 number to get a person (you must act like you want to make a new reservation). Extremely misleading and higher prices! Stay away from CCI Hotel bookings located in Texas. I'm so steaming mad!!! We understand that making informed decisions about where to invest your time and money can be challenging, which is why we've created this platform for our community to share their honest feedback about their experiences with CCI Hotel Reservations. I have a charge on my bank account for CCI Hotel on 11/13/19. After I finally reached them--after MANY hours of trying--I had JUST passed the cancellation window. I was informed the refund of the taxes would take up to 7 business days before seeing it posted to my account. I tried 4-5 times. I thought I was on the Embassy Suites hotel corporate site and tried to book a room. I found out that my original reservation went through their website being misleading that they were Hilton Hotel Reservations. Do not use theese guys. I was charged for a motel room after I was informed they my card was declined. Pian Marie Jumalon, Nov 20, 4:10 PM CST: I thought I was speaking to the hotel reservation desk but it turns out that the search engine sends you to CCI Reservations (, hotel or what ever other aliases they use.) This will surely increase the credibility of your complaint. CCI charged me $189.02 and overcharge of $48.12 I called on 12/14/21 to dispute the charge and they will not reimburse. The page displayed was identical to the Hilton web page. After a 13 hour drive, we arrived at the hotel at 930 PM. they want you to buy in to get assistance from their help desk. is a leading complaint resolution website on the Internet. Sounds like you didnt realise the website address said Getaroom. Booked a room that should of cost 125cnd plus tax. Which is just a voice message and we couldn't get through to cancel reservation. Nothing. All Rights Reserved. But this next comment isnt quite correct Make sure you are directed to the proper website to reserve a room. I dont quite understand about being redirected or how that occurs. BEWARE, they may steal your money also and you cannot get them to give your money back! I never got a Reservation SO many bad companies out there, this is well documented here. When I recieved the reservation confirmation they had switched me to another Ft. Lauderdale Hyatt Place . I was told to contact the Hyatt directly and to get the name of the individual I was talking to, then call Cci back with that information and the cancellation would be processed. I called and was on the phone for about half an hour and she finally came back and said my refund had been approved and they would refund my credit card in 7-10 business days. This is totally misleading and overcharging any consumer . It asks to press one for reservations, which I did, or two for front desk. Hotel Reservation Overview Reservation Counter specializes in providing travelers access to more hotel choices and ways to find the accommodations. The hotel canceled & stated to contact CCI Hotel Reservations at [protected] . At check in I provided my credit card again but was charged for the room again at that time. I believe CCI Hotel reservations is ripping people off. Wrong, my credit card company contacted the company and they refused to refund the charges and said the charges were non-refundable and they had communicated that to me at the time I called to cancel. Included were the non-disclosed tax and service recovery fee. We have cancelled the res and they said they would be charging a nearly $200 fee which we will be disputing with the credit card issuer. I then disputed the charge thru my Bank of America Alaska Visa card who at first took off the charges but then when investigating said it was non refundable. I called Visa to cancel the purchase, but Visa said, "Once we press, I agree, we were responsible for the charge.". So many things to watch out for. . We finally gave up. Unfortunately, the reservation page disappeared before I take a snapshot or copy the fake confirmation number. I wanted to know (1) what the charges were for and (2) what tax entities the taxes were for. I thought I was booking through the same hotel my company has been staying at like I did multiple times before. Whether you're considering doing business with CCI Hotel Reservations, or you've already had an experience with them, our community's reviews and complaints will give you a valuable perspective on what to expect. However, since our rates are discounted, youre still going to save the most money by reserving with us. I told the man at the hotel I would not be there, since I live in Modesto Ca. We even notified each person on the line that we were talking to from this company that they have gotten bad bad reviews on multiple review websites, it didn't even phase them. I made another reservation with Hyatt directly in the hotel I wanted with assurances I can cancel anytime up till 48 hours prior to check in . I booked a room at LaQuinta. Read our user reviews first - discover the good, the bad, and the ugly about CCI Hotel Reservations by reading customer reviews and complaints. The Hotel charged us $782.22; CCI charged us $1,060.91, including a fee of $277.69 which was not disclosed, nor were any conditions disclosed. Wife was searching reservations online. The hotel cant find my resrvation anymore its all a joke. although it looks Who knows.. postings without details are pointless. On my credit card I had a charge for $1955.28 listed as CCI*Hotel Res. I called Days INN with them on the line and Days INN confirmed they allow cancellations upto 24hrs of the reservation. I immediately call the customer service with CCI and they told me the extra amount was added after I submitted my payment for taxes & fees. I knew it was all a mistake and immediately called American Express and Paul I was looking for a two night reservation and got online at what I thought was the Days Inn website. on 12/26/19 using a Discover card. I drove to the address and it was a hospital I called the hotel and was informed that they were near San Diego, Ca. Excited to go to the College World Series I made a reservation at the Hilton on Cass Street through CCI Hotels. I had the same experience as many other people, including a cloned website and the surprise overcharge for "tax recovery and service fees" of $169.52. Guy at Lago Mar. COVID entered the picture again big time. I would had canceled in their time frame if I had known they wrongly sent me to a non pet friendly motel which I had asked for. When I called CCI Bookings to get my money back I was told I missed the 48 hour period before my check in date for doing so. They then informed me they couldnt cancel as the hotel wont allow cancellations. Price quoted was $84.65. THis is exactly the same procedure we went through that we read in all the negative reviews. Disgusting. QUITE A MARKUP. Very slick as the site looked like the Embassy Suites site. Also, there was a notice that there are NO Cancellations! My rooms cost me 513.93 . After entering all my credit card information and hitting 'Submit' the new total was around $150. The email was immediately returned to me with the message that it could not be delivered. I will not bother to call this people since it will be waste of time (they know this) and I will end up irritated and accomplish nothing. The floor wa On June 1, I booked a room at the Super 8 in Peru, IL for June 15, 16, & 17. The Hotel charged us $782.22; CCI charged us $1,060.91, including a fee of $277.69 which was not disclosed, nor were any conditions disclosed. Here's the kicker: you don't even have a hotel room to begin with and then banks often won't honor it as fraud. Their phone tree is a NIGHTMARE and I was disconnected many times. I called as soon as i realized my mistake the customer rep was being an ultimatum d*ck. This business should be put out of business! Was this done on your phone, or on your home computer or iPad/tablet? It took several calls to their 800-468-3578 number to get a person (you must act like you want to make a new reservation). Also be sure you have your R# for the reservation or they refuse to talk to you. Per my recollection the hotel price was around $100 plus 11% tax which was fine with me. If so then complain to Tripadvisor staff directly. Be aware of the scam! Looked up a hotel on line. Made online hotel reservation for Best Western, Willerby Manor, Hull. People need to get out of the habit of lazy google type searches and careless clicks on first offered advertised results. Canceled 3/11/20giving me the run around. I suggested that I would cancel the room and look for another hotel. In the last 2 months I have called many times and get the same 7 day promise. Assumed it was their websight. Cancelled the reservation at CCI and was then informed I would be refunded 1/2 of the original fee which was $438.24. On May 7, 2021 I reserved a room at this Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites for my daughter and her family travelling from Tennessee in order to visit her father who was gravely ill and hospitalized. villa passalacqua wedding cost,
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